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How to choose Toilet Tank Fitting
Toilet tank fitting is easily ignored. In fact, the toilet tank fitting is just like the heart and more prone to quality problems.
When purchasing toilet tank fitting, low noise, durable airtight, withstand water immersion and not the long-term corrosion and afford the scale should be considered. What's more? The water reached into the toilet hole in touch enamel should be smooth, and can be extended far stretch far. Some toilet merchants want to reduce costs of the toilet tank fitting, the local water hole is not visible on the enamel, and the use of toilet tank fitting could be easy to hang results dirt. After a long time use, the toilet tank fitting is very prone to clogging. The upper part of the week, there will be water inside the toilet hole, generally 24, the more holes the shorter distance, the higher coverage when flushing, easy to rinse for the toilet tank fitting. Hand-rubbing the surface of the toilet, ceramic to smooth, simple shape of a small toilet looks the best grooves, clean up and more convenient.
In addition, no matter how embarrassing, we must try to sit on the spot, a sense of personal take is very important. The delivery of toilet tank fitting is sure to face out of the box in front of business inspection. Check whether there are obvious defects, and bumps, the existence of color and other parts of the problem of the toilet tank fitting.

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