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Concealed Cisterns Maintenance and Repair

Most of us hesitate to buy a Concealed Cistern. Because you install it inside the wall and you afraid to break all your tiles If you need repair. But this idea is WRONG. Because most of the Concealed Cisterns can be repaired from Flush Plate Panel Window in minutes. As MORAQ we tried to keep our Concealed Cisterns as simple as it can. It has very simple mechanic parts and all can be changed If needed. But we believe that there will be no need fort hat. So we provide 5 years Warranty. Even then you need any repair, you can reach all includings through Flush Plate Window easily and can repair in 3-5 minutes.

Concealed Cistern Flushing Mechanism assembly and disassembly


  • Bend the Flushing Plate upwards. Pull upper part towards yourself.
  • Loosen the Flushing Plate Window Frame’s screws. Then take out the frame.
  • Take out the Frame tap.
  • Take out the Protector Cover.
  • Pull out the hanger group.
  • Shut off the tap.
  • Disassembly the Inlet Valve. ( Don’t take out before discharge group. Let inside till then)
  • Take out the Bridge.
  • Pull out the thrust pusher.
  • Take out the discharge group.
  • Take out the inlet valve.

Disassembly process has been completed. It takes only 11 steps to fully disassembly your Concealed Cistern.


  • Put the inlet valve inside of your Concealed Cistern ( to the right )
  • Fix the the discharge group inside your Cistern.
  • Mount the thrust push carefully.
  • Fix the bridge to its place
  • Assembly the Inlet Valve
  • Open the Tap
  • Put the Hanger Group ( Check the operating )
  • Put the Protector Case over Hanger.
  • Fix the Window Cover
  • Insert the Flush Plate Panel Frame with the screws you have.
  • Locate the Flush Plate Panel to its place

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